Buddhist Monk Lighting Candles


Dear dharma brothers and sisters lets all of us come together and pray for his Holiness swift


Buddhist Ceremonies

Deeply saddened to learn sudden demise of HH Dudjom Yangse Sangey Pema Zyepa. It is not only a huge loss of entire Buddhist community but also loss of entire beings.

We the sangha and students of his Eminence 11th Buli Trulku Sonam Lodre Rinpoche from Arunachal, pay our gratitude prayer for swift and soon possible reincarnation of rinpoche to bless and guide us all.

In coinciding with Rinpoche's seven days of Mahaparinirvana.


We, the sangha of Ngagyur Sangchen Padma woedling gonpa kalaktang, offers three days Dorsem lama Choedpa concluding with Throma medium feast offering on 25th lunar day of 11th month. All devotees are invited to pay homage to Yangse Rinpoche.


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