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Padmapa Fellowship is  a Not for profit organization, which hereafter is designated the Fellowship. The Fellowship shall operate for the development and sustainable management of Ngagyur Sangchen Pema Woedling Gonpa and its institution and in pursuit of the Buddha Dharma in general and the Dujom Tersar tradition in particular.

Padma Woedling Nyingma School shall provide quality education with life-skill formation among children. The students of this school shall complete their Primary and Secondary Education and are expected to perform academically better than their counterparts in the public and private sector schools. They will achieve an exceptional confidence level for access to life and career opportunities which could otherwise would not have been available to them.

At present, the Primary section of the school shall be started with full residential facilities and homely environment for 50 number of under privileged childrens. Gradually, it shall develop into a fully residential multipurpose school up to class VIII level where instructions in both traditional and modern subjects shall be imparted along with aptitude based training in arts and craftsmanship to fulfill the objectives enumerated in the previous section.

Sangchen Padma Woedling Nyingma School is already having (Hostel building for students, Prayer hall, Administrative block ,Class rooms,Ground for Programme) the basic infrastructure created by Padmapa Fellowship for running the residential school up to primary level.

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Values of traditional art and culture are gradually being eroded by modernization and the so-called westernization. And the day is not far, if corrective steps are not taken well in time, when we will have completely severed ourselves with the age-old traditional cultural heritage. The aims of the school is in no way opposed to modernization or advancement in field of science and technology, but rather to make use of the advance knowledge in science and technology to further the cause of preservation of art and cultural
heritages of our country. One cannot afford to lose our links with our rich cultural heritages. Therefore, the proposed school will play an important role towards preserving our culture, tradition, literature.

Our Objectives

Padmapa Fellowship

Coordinate and administer the development, management and sustenance of Ngagyur Sangchen Pema Woedling Gonpa, its events and associated institutions and activities.

Sustain and continue the tradition of providing opportunities for education, study and practice of Buddhism and its traditions along with the modern education which is essential in today’s livelihood.

Raise funds, make investments and manage the assets of Ngagyur Sangchen Pema Woedling Gonpa and its associated institution and activities.

Organize Kurims (Puja), prayers, other religious events, Social service education for the well being of all the mankind.

Promote, encourage and facilitate the continued advance of Buddhism through Wang, Lung, Thri ceremonies, Lectures and Seminars, Buddhism meditation and retreat centers and through establishment of religious institute and study centers.

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